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Main benefits of ergonomic validation in product design

  • A reduction in development and manufacturing costs and time
  • Virtual testing your product to meet all the strict design and safety requirements
  • Computer-aided design and ergonomics
  • Digital human models from international anthropometric databanks
  • Automatic posture calculation, reach and visibility analysis, motion and force analyses

Both road driving and working with motor vehicles in industrial area are considered dangerous, where the main risk factor is human error. Ergonomics have significant role in lowering these risks. Improvement of general feeling of comfort lowers the possibility of making mistakes due to fatigue, the optimal positioning of controls can help reduce reaction time in case of emergency.


Health damaging factor of sitting work is often referred to nowadays. This factor is not only important in the case of professional drivers, but to all, who, for example, drives by car to work every day, sometimes for long hours. With sufficient ergonomic design this risk factor can be reduced.


The advantage of motion capture technology is that it enables ergonomic testing on the whole population, while the test is only carried out with one test subject. There are certain sizes, where the suit itself can be uncomfortable. It can also be a solution that instead of them we test with an average physique and simulate the initial test object’s body composition in ViveLab.





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