Main benefits of ergonomic validation in heathcare

  • A reduction of time and costs by the development process
  • Complete hazard identification, risk quantification- a reduction of injury risks
  • Virtual testing your product to meet all the strict design and safety requirements
  • Detailed knowledge about your products productivity and usability
  • Precise analysis about future operating conditions of your system
  • Complete 3d simulation of the treatment and the patients
  • Up-to-date and international anthropometric databanks

The world's population is getting older, as a result of seniors longer life expectancy and declining fertility rates. People are living longer not by a stroke of fortune, but as a as a result of years of medical research, development and thanks to the improvements in healthcare, nutrition and technology. Each and every person, as a patient, doctor, investor, representative of biotechnological or pharmaceutical companies, wants to access and offer the highest quality medical services.


ViveLab Ergo Ltd. is here to tailor your heathcare products in order to comply with the highest ergonomics, safety and usability standards. Using ViveLab Ergo, you will have a cost effective virtual 3D-assistance to avoid unwanted risks in developing and manufacturing new health care systems, devices or treatments, smoothing the path to saving lives.





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