Manufacturing - workstation Ergonomics

Preserve the health of employees, extend their working years, save HR costs by creating ergonomically optimal working conditions. Appropriate treatment of occupational safety is also a factor of competitiveness as well as regulatory compliance. In whatever stage your project is; preparation, decision making, implementation or even operation, ViveLab and attached services enable you to run detailed ergonomic examinations and find solutions very quickly.

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Ergonomic Product DESIGN

Go-to-market cost and time are one of the key factors of competitiveness. ViveLab enables product designers to create ergonomically optimized design without real-life tests with physical prototypes and hundreds of test subjects. Virtual ergonomic verification is not only easier but also more complete and more professional thanks to ViveLab's anthropometric database and built-in analyses.

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Ergonomics in HEALTHcare

Probably, ergonomic product design plays the most important role in sectors which are fundamentally about the human body. Designers of sport and healthcare tools are especially exposed to the high risk of enjury and strong demand of comfort. The capability for long-term simulations even with human subjects with unusual physical conditions makes ViveLab an essential partner in these market segments.

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Ergonomics in ARCHITECTURE

Offices, hospitals, shopping malls... Many buildings serve as working place. The bigger, the more. Cleaners, security guards, nurses, and couriers are exposed to the features of a building on every day for years. Long-term ergonomic verification on your blueprint can be a unique selling point in a tender.

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