Frequently Asked questions

How to enter the ViveLab?

If you cannot enter your ViveLab please contact our support.



What are the prerequisites of entering a ViveLab?

Before you enter any ViveLab, please be sure Citrix Receiver is installed on your computer. Citrix Receiver is available for Windows and OS X. Without Citrix Receiver ViveLabs are not accessible.


Download Citrix Receiver for Windows

Download Citrix Receiver for OS X



What can I do if I cannot enter a ViveLab because the button says I’m already entered?

You may have a stuck session in our system. Please ask a privileged member of the Group to disconnect your session by pressing button “Sign out a selected user from ViveLab” at “Users” section in “ViveLab” menu.



What will happen after I pressed button “Enter”?

When you launch a ViveLab pressing the button “Enter” it will take a couple of seconds while our system generates a Citrix launch file (with extension .ica). This launch file guaranties the access to your ViveLab for one time only. Depending on your browser and operating system, this file opens automatically or you should start it manually by clicking on it.


Once the launch file is opened by Citrix Receiver it starts to connect our servers immediately. First, you can see the process bar of Receiver for some seconds. Next, your default monitor displays our logo while our system authenticates your session automatically. Finally, after a couple of seconds, your ViveLab appears. This whole starting process takes 10-60 seconds depending your system and your Internet connection.


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